#198 – love comics #3

12 thoughts on “#198 – love comics #3

  1. Reminds me a lot of those old Archie comics.

    Eve's looking good in panel 5!

  2. Oh, crap! Eve IS asian. I could never tell. It’s not like she had squinty eyes like her other asian buds but I suppose a surname like Ning should have tipped me off.

  3. Eve…Is…ASIAN?!?! But you never drew her with the sideways-oval shaped eyes!! [/faints]

  4. Toaster O' Vengeance

    Holy crap. Asian. Woah.

  5. I hope this indicates that a record by the Octopus Pie characters is in the pipeline.

  6. Anyone who couldn't tell that Eve is Asian (specifically, Chinese-American) just because she wasn't drawn with "squinty eyes" is a moron who lacks reading comprehension at best and a racist asshole at worst. 😀

    Seriously, you all fail.

    1. Come now, half those people were joking and the other half were making a good point- the style didn't reflect her "distinctly Asian" features as much as it did her "obviously Asian" friends' features.

      1. I thought she was half-white.

        And, apparently Jacob was her third choice!

  7. This storyline is hitting it to close to home. Do teenage girls become less, like this with age?

    1. Some do, sure.

  8. Panel 4 really paints the romance in such a great light.

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