#197 – love comics #2

7 thoughts on “#197 – love comics #2

  1. Romantic world view? Wow… oh, and the style is spot on. Amazing.

  2. She responded to the narration out loud! Lol

  3. ok music was on random and it clicked over to twin peaks "love theme" just before I read this….really set the tone perfectly

  4. k so this comic keeps getting better and better

  5. Any word on the status of this thing in terms of canon? /nerd (jk, you can never stop nerding once you start)

  6. Finally getting serious, hope we get to see more nipps :p

  7. the "romantic worldview" is the biggest, hardest, laugh I've had at these comics so far.

    Like always, the art is 100% on point. Glad I finally started reading.

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