#192 – uhh

It's OP's first GIF! The original version of this was made in Flash, included sound, and could be click-activated. Flash just didn't fly with the Wordpress installation of the site, or devices in general in the 2010s, so I made it a GIF. In book form, this sequence was printed as repeating pages of panels. He gets hit a lot of times basically.

8 thoughts on “#192 – uhh

  1. Am I conjuring this from an over-active imagination, or was there a version with sound featuring the Wilhelm scream?

    1. lol you\’re right! Will helm. Even I forgot.

  2. Before it was the chapter, now it's the perfect chapter.

  3. This works as a bio page for Will.

  4. OMG I just realized this was based on Gwain and the Green Knight XD!
    Should have noticed sooner, the guy is called *BERTILAK*

  5. " In book form, this sequence was printed as repeating pages of panels."

    That's really fucking clever.

    That's one of the things I've wondered about when I've seen animations in webcomics that have print versions. Sometimes it's subtle stuff, like a flashing lights from a police car, and that can just be static, but repeating the panel several times is a perfect example of adjusting to the medium. 🙂

  6. Needs that wilhelm scream.

    Oh my, I just got the joke. Will + Helm…

  7. Wait, what about Hanna's shiny butt?

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