#188 – dark forces

I think we can pretty much agree Aimee was a theater kid, yeah?

2 thoughts on “#188 – dark forces

  1. Did you intend for Aimee to come back at this point or was she supposed to be a one arch character?

  2. When I first read this arc I was really hoping Will and Aimee would work out. Their relationship reminded me a lot of some of my own: a weird chance encounter with romantic vibes that later turned into a relationship, but a rushed and stunted relationship. When I later read that they were doing a kind of half-baked long distance thing, I was pretty depressed by it (well, as depressed as one can be knowing two comic book characters are doomed to break up).

    I enjoy Will and Eve's romantic arc, but I was always kind of hoping Will would move on and find someone else, as I had done over and over again. Will is such a well-written masculine character, struggling to balance his insecurities with his outward image, and I always identified with him very closely, so whatever happened to him always stung me or warmed my heart. His arc, particularly his going to therapy and admitting such things as being sexually intimidated and the cyclical nature of his relationships, is *italian chef kissing gesture* and very close to home for, I think, a lot of men.

    Meredith Gran, you are the Tolstoy of Webcomics.

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