#178 – where’s the honor

Elf-gratification really didn't properly have its day here, I feel.

4 thoughts on “#178 – where’s the honor

  1. I really, REALLY hope this was a replica sword and not the real deal because man does he get away easy if it wasn't.

  2. Hmm…does that mean these pastries already have a hole in them? Either that or they're filled with chutney.

  3. I was always kind of surprised that Will didn't call this guy's bluff. He started a fight for no reason and is continuing to do so obsessively. Would his dad really want to get into that drama, even if he owned the fair? Particularly when it'll result in the ousting of an increasingly popular booth.

  4. From “elf-gratification” and “premature infatuation”, this arc doesn’t pull any pun-ches.

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