#177 – new market

I often found ways to parallel Hanna's art/industry anxiety with my own. It's possible I was frustrated with OP's popularity at the time, as I often was, and was thinking obsessively about ways to switch things up. She comes to a cynical conclusion here, which admittedly never worked out well in my experience. You have to plunge to an artless depth, bordering on plagiarism, to really squeeze out a profit. And once you're there, you're fair game to be plagiarized yourself. In hindsight it all seems very simple: you make art, [question marks], and then, a fulfilling career! I still don't have any answers... this was just a peek into a cross section of that.

4 thoughts on “#177 – new market

  1. Just noticed the sign mentioning "Lady Visa" and "Master Card". Brilliant.

  2. My Renaissance Faire sells deep fried twinkies and pop tarts. Since the Renaissance was known for their deep fat fryers, you know.

    1. Deep frying has actually been around for thousands of years. The twinkies and pop tarts, not so much.

  3. I don't really see Will and Hanna's conclusion as cynical, here. People come to a Ren Faire to buy fun and fantasy, so why not create and sell some? That's the very opposite of artless, to me.

    I suppose raising prices to look better is a bit cynical, but it also leads to my favorite "Expensive! Costly!" gag in the next page or so, so I approve anyway.

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