#175 – upstate new york

18 thoughts on “#175 – upstate new york

  1. Not even kidding; Instead of packing for a trip upstate, on the very same Thruway, I'm reading your comic front-to-back right now. I love those rest stops.

  2. omg that i live in rochester!! that is awesome =]

    1. omg me too!

  3. Is it normal for people to just not ever learn to drive in New York?

    1. Must be. I thought that was strange, too.

      1. To quote Futurama 'Never drove in New York; too much traffic'. The city doesn't have enough space for parking and driving for it to be practical. Mass transit or cab or walk everywhere. The people that drive are the cabbies, delivery, commuters, buses and very little else. Oh, and tourists.

        1. Only reason to drive is to go elsewhere. And as far as a lot of New Yorkers are concerned, who the fuck cares about elsewhere?

  4. "Super furry animals"! Love that shirt!

  5. In Pierpont Beach, Ventura, you can live out your entire life and never drive a car or see a McDonald's or Starbucks. There's the money thing, but lots of people do without that too.

  6. That has GOT to be the New Baltimore rest stop.

    1. Also, if I'm not mistaken, they're going up to the Sterling Forest renfaire of my childhood. Win.

  7. I live in Rochester 😀

  8. I live in Rochester too! It's a little odd how many of us there are… Although, I guess three isn't a lot. 😛

  9. Jfc, a Roy Rogers. Haven't seen one of those in forever.

  10. I live in Rochester as well! (:

  11. I only know the name "Rochester" because "Fox Rochester" was the only channel I remember getting as a kid where the Simpsons were on before I was supposed to be in bed. 🙂 Ah, the days where having basic cable made your house a hangout spot.

  12. I love those stops. They're my favorite thing of going across country.

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