#175 – upstate new york

The plaza rest stop experience got a lot of love when I posted this page. Of all the concepts I asked readers to accept, this was the most believable.

9 thoughts on “#175 – upstate new york

  1. [SPOILERS follow]

    Uh, so this was the very first hint we ever got that Marek really didn't see himself having a relationship with Hanna as an adult.

  2. Being from Ohio, I was freaking BOWLED OVER the first time I saw a plaza style rest stop in PA. The fact that they had the presence of mind to, you know, put the rest stop between both directions of traffic so that you don't need two different stops was brilliant.

  3. I can't remember how ominous Marek wistfully confessing he wants to raise a family in the suburbs felt at the time, but it's extremely fuckin' ominous now

  4. A McDonald's and a Roy Rogers?

    Isn't that like two competing types of beef?

  5. Why they are not wearing seat belts?

    1. Annoying to draw? 🙂

  6. This is funny…I lived in NYC during my high school years, but the first time I actually had to drive something was when I got a job in Rochester and needed to drive the mail van across campus.

  7. There's something special about those little stops in the middle of nowhere. Truly, they are the crumbling stone fort to America's Skyrim.

  8. This upstate New York local thanks you, then and now alike.

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