#157 – pyew pyew

10 thoughts on “#157 – pyew pyew

  1. Hahaha, the doves.

  2. sliiiiiiiiide

  3. Ah, damnit, walnut, you took what I was going to say.

    Also, random dramatic birds?

    1. I am just going to say your avatar is god damn adorable.

  4. Watch John Woo's "The Killer," or "Face/Off." Dude loves doves.

    1. Personally, I thought of Cowboy Bebop! It's possible this is a trope that runs deep.

      1. Yess!

  5. ZORK! First text-based DOS-Game. Immortalized for all eternity.

  6. Best part of this strip? The sound effects. Pyew pyew pyew zork crkckkck sliiiide.

  7. It's been 13 years and no one commented on the John Woo doves yet?

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