#150 – sorry

Park's very direct mashing of Eve's boob is still really funny to me. I think Scott McCloud used this page and the ballet of feet in his talks for a while, which is a lovely thought to this day.

5 thoughts on “#150 – sorry

  1. This is Eve's relationship with Park in a nutshell. She gets multiple insights about why it's a bad idea, then she charges ahead and does it anyway until reality smacks her in the face.

    1. tbh same.

      Now I try to be like future Eve, but even once in a while I make stupid choices still.

  2. Manuel KNOWS

  3. I love your comic, I even love rereading. I HATE the fact that I can't hit the forward button. And it's like a million clicks to get to somewhere where I CAN hit the forward button.

  4. Manuel should have rubbed his chin all over Park's butt to put a stop to this. Nothing gets a guy out of the mood quicker than having a cat nuzzle his butt. That guy zipped up his fly and was out the door in five seconds flat.

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