#151 – everything i wanted

Eve's horrible loft bed is based on the one I had in college. Yes, it was very hard for 2 people to be up there. It's amazing the space you manage to occupy when there's no other real choice.

7 thoughts on “#151 – everything i wanted

  1. Huh, for some reason I didn't see the writing on the wall that Park was a dick the first time around.

    1. neither did Eve.

    2. I still mysteriously kinda like Park. I mean yes obviously he turned out to be a jerk and not someone Eve should be with, but.

      I dunno. He's complicated, like a real person. It's so easy to look back on our exes as total monsters, and Park isn't that. He's a regular human fuckup like anyone else.

      And I've been Park in this comic. You see someone picking on someone you care about, it makes you angry. You want to protect them, you want them to fight for themselves. And you don't realize that you're maybe not seeing the whole dynamic. I'm not saying he's right, but…he means well? I can see why Eve loved him, why she gave him enough of herself that he could hurt her so badly later.

    3. Everybody says he's a dick, but I don't see it that way. He sees Hanna's flaws and wonders if she's good for Eve. He could be a bit more tactful with his approach, but I think his intentions are helping more than controlling.

    4. Well, he also has a point, but presented in an overbearing way.

      Everyone is trying to control Eve, and it's not great.

    5. This was the moment Park raised a big red flag for me, as well as a wince…I recognised echoes of how I'd behaved as a partner/boyfriend at that age, behaviour I've worked hard to move past. I think Park's a very convincing example of young manhood at that age, and the poster boy for how not everyone grows out of it (with Greg act8n* as contrast)

  2. I remember appreciating so much that Eve wasn’t awkwardly covered up. She’s sitting up in bed naked like a real person.

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