#146 – awesome

8 thoughts on “#146 – awesome

  1. "Awesome." I concur.

  2. HEY THATS NOT FAIRR!! where i come from stoners and nerds are SYNONYMOUS. we are a rare blend, a hybrid if you will. haha

    1. Sounds like we have a high school drama club kid on our hands. 🙂

  3. Why couldn't she have just invited everyone to laser tag and discussed her issues over a nice dinner, like she'll surely do while at the laser tag competition?

    Well, because we need the suspense, of course!

  4. I like the 2nd panel – is Eve thinking "does she mean my vagina? But I'm next to my first love!"

    1. Hah, if that was actually what she was getting at that's kinda clever. It's subtle enough that nobody else in the room would pick up on it.

      I just figured she meant that Eve doesn't really have strong opinions so much as just a general loathing towards a lot of things for no real concrete reason.

  5. Laser Tag: the one place in the universe where nerds and stoners can lay down their differences and agree that running around shooting each other with tiny points of light is *inexplicably awesome*.

  6. I was at a party in Seattle recently, and we played a game that turned out to be stoners vs nerds! Haha this still rings true! Unfortunately it was a charades type game, and all the stoners were also actors and half the nerds didn’t get the references. I picked the nerds team because they were sober, but that didn’t work in our advantage 🙁

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