#143 – old flame

10 thoughts on “#143 – old flame

  1. Man, no wonder Eve seems awkward so often. You'd be awkward too, if you lived in a universe where the visible signs of infatuation were pink hearts floating around your head.

  2. Love the expression in the second panel.

  3. 'paf' I need to learn to do that.

  4. That doesn't make sense to me. Why is she so interested in a guy she hasn't developed much of a relationship with (other than being friends) but she was totally into another guy until she found out he deals dope? No offense, but one guy was Asian and the other was white. What gives, dammit! Ugh… silly romances make me silly.

    1. Me and no one else

      None taken, but what does the fact that one of them is white and the other Asian have to do with anything? A lot of people (me included) don't have a racial preference when it comes to romantic/physical relationships. Not to mention that this guy was her first love, and compared to Will seems to be…. less drug -dealery. Plus Will and Eve decided to be FWBO, remember? =P

    2. "No offense, but one guy was Asian and the other was white."

      Umm… lol? 😛 Now, -I'M- not offended, but if I were an asian male, I might be. It's kind of just an offensive statement. Consider the following:

      "No offense, but I just plain don't like black people."

      Kind of… you know… stupid.

    3. this is a great webcomic, and you guys are all great. i think what AJ is tryin' to say is that, why does it there have to be an inclination of a choice between Park, the asian or Will the White guy? no judging here about whites, asians, blacks, or whatever race you'd want to call in. but why is there a seemingly two rivers in here?

  5. And now the panels with the train make sense…

  6. I'm gonna need to read that book, "Anna Karenina"

  7. Jeez, Anna freaking Karenina: that's some tragic ish eve.
    the female protagonist dies by train.

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