#135 – nerds

Again, kind of a mean-spirited one in hindsight that I ended up editing for the books. I do think small angry Eve is funny though.

10 thoughts on “#135 – nerds

  1. What did the edit consist of?

    1. I just moved and have my PC packed away, but I\’d like to share them when I have the files back! Gimme a bit.

    2. I just realized I have the book to reference, if you'd like to know earlier!

      In the previous page's last panel, Eve doesn't pause ("…") and has a proud look on her face, and Marek says "It's true. She uses it on the cat when he's bad."

      On this page, Hanna doesn't leap to guessing "Nerds? Are they nerds?", but instead "Escaped convicts? Vigilantes? Unlicensed hot dog vendors?"

      1. Thanks friend!

  2. It's a little bit mean spirited but it seem it's important to establish the nergasm all these poor innocent people are about to embark into.

  3. Also Marek you fucking hypocrite!

  4. I love the tear on Marek's head. So manga!

  5. At least from my view point I always saw Hanna as being super rude in these few comics. I never read them as her being right and felt bad for eve

  6. "They're not nerds, but they didn't bother to tell me about how my high school boyfriend was cheating on me in college and they routinely flake out of my life and get in touch when it's convenient."

    If Eve had been feeling honest.

  7. Ah, low key racism amongst friends.

    Hanna actually reminds me of a lot of my college friends.

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