#134 – count to ten

18 thoughts on “#134 – count to ten

  1. Oooh, point to Hanna!

    The look on Eve's face is reminiscent of a boy who flaunts his Jewish heritage only to realize he never had a Bar Mitzvah.

  2. Good point, Adama!

    But I think I'd have to side with Eve on this one.

  3. I agree with Hanna and Adama. Not saying that the arcade was a good or bad idea, but that people who act so proud of their heritage and flaunt it, when they really have no idea what they are talking are annoying. Sorry Eve.

  4. On an unrelated note, I like the new hat.

  5. Fun fact: most kids who hang out in arcades are either asian or black, I’m pretty much the only white guy who frequents my local place.

  6. These comics get more brilliant each and every time I re-read them! It's crazy, I actually feel like I understand them better as I get older–I just discovered them a year ago, I think. Keep writing! I can't wait for the next update!

  7. I don't necessarily agree with the Hanna party on this one.

    To know about a culture in order to want to preserve it is mediocre in my opinion.

    Yes, to walk without bases is mediocre, but it's worse to be afraid to step forward.

    I don't need to learn about Tibet in order to disagree of its situation.

  8. Eduardo, the point is Eve is of Asian descent (presumably Chinese), her complaints are unjustified because she seems to know as much about her OWN culture as the white kids she is disparaging.

    1. while I do find the joke to be funny, I personally don't think "knowing a culture" is dependent solely upon how much of the language you speak. Yes, knowing the language certainly is a part of it, but knowing about certain customs and social interactions as well as the history that help define a culture. I do think Eve's "blemish on the face of Chinatown" comment is a little harsh, though.

  9. If you can count to 10 in Chinese you can count to 99!

    Is Eve 2nd generation or 3rd?

  10. She's 2nd generation I think because when her Dad appeared in an earlier strip his English wasn't fluent.

    On this issue I'm with Eve, she should have an opportunity to explore her heritage at some point. If she doesn't it's not that she will have a cultural vacuum but she will have the homogeneity of anglo-american culture.

    1. cultural heritage don't mean shit. It's something people rely on to make themselves feel like they're special when they don't actually have anything interesting about themselves. I've never understood how the place your grandparents used to live is in any way relevant to who you are now.

      Also, maybe the fucking chinese just want a fucking arcade. What, does everything in chinatown have to look like a bad chinese stereotype? I'm sure they play videogames too.

      1. This is the best post here. Fucking A'.

  11. well i know chinese:


    1. i dunno why when i type the chinese characters and pressed submit instead of getting chinese characters i got fuckin question marks >:(

      1. Ken, I'm guessing this website is in ASCII, then.

        Wait, we'll try with a Scandinavian-only character: Å

  12. Its not for people of one culture to judge/quantify the cultural authenticity of someone from a different culture to their own.
    To do that is to impose a foreign idea of what a "real" Chinese person looks like (in this circumstance) and ignore the diversity between people that exists within a culture. Ethnic populations are not homogenous and Hanna, in this case is displaying ignorance of the reality of living as a Chinese American (eg. some Chinese Americans don't speak Chinese). Just because Ning doesn't speak Chinese doesn't mean her opinion on the arcade is hypocritical or invalid – in fact they are two different points of discussion altogether.

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