#133 – on our own

8 thoughts on “#133 – on our own

  1. Damn! Does ice sakting really make your legs that strong?

  2. …erm… did I miss anything in particular…? I mean, is that her ex from the very beginning…?? *sigh* I shouldn't have started over…

    1. No, if I understand it all, Eve is "shaking down" the two "cool boys" who are selling Hanna pot (and undercutting Will). That is to say she's "learning by example" from Will about how to shake down people. She's doing it so Hanna will go back to buying from Will as a favour for him.

      Or something to that effect.

      1. @Bronson, that was the impression I got; I believe you are correct sir.

  3. I'd rather her just shaking them up because drug dealing is wrong.

    1. Read a different comic, narc.

      1. Well it's true that Eve doesn't seem to approve very much of the whole 'drug dealer' thing. After all, it's why she won't date Will. Although I like the idea that she's doing it so Hanna will start buying from Will again.

  4. Is she reverse dealing? Anti-dealing? 😀

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