#116 – the shot

15 thoughts on “#116 – the shot

  1. *Pulp Fiction reference*

  2. One of my favorite scenes from the movie

  3. Odd avatar Trypnoo1. That positioning of the swastika is its traditional Hindu, Buddist and Jainist form (and oodles of other asian traditions). Nothing to do with little angry austrian men.

  4. Well it also existed as the personal standard of Hitler, so classifying it by positioning doesn't really work. Also, it's pretty darn obvious what Trypnoo1's usage is targeting. Down with Fascism!


  5. Actually for nearly every usage other than the Nazi one the swastika can go either way, and has specific meaning depending on the way it faces for some cultures. If we wanna get REAL technical the German term for it is Hakenkruez (crooked cross), "swastika" is a mispronounced version of the sanscript word "svastika" which means "lucky symbol". *star and rainbow image wipe*The More You Know!

  6. this discussion has nothing to do with the comic 🙂

  7. I love how the bird's all "Huh? Did I miss something?"

  8. that was trippy.

  9. I was actually expecting Hanna to say “That was trippy” near the end of this page.
    I’ll just imagine she did.

  10. hahaha I just finished watching Pulp Fiction again when I saw this. Trippy.

  11. PULP FICTION!!!!

    Seriously, when will this comic cease to amaze me?!

    "What Ain't no country I ever heard of! They speak english in what?!"

  12. My love for this comic increased dramatically after this strip.

    Laughed for at least 5 minutes : )

  13. "The next time I bring a fucked up bird to your house, i'll give her the shot."

  14. Can Polly say "Something"?

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