#115 – hollowed out baguette

9 thoughts on “#115 – hollowed out baguette

  1. An awkward first impression if I ever saw one.

  2. Brady is going to have the worst prom night ever. Unless his prom date happens to be the daughter of a pastry chef.

  3. "Chutney and the Hollowed out Baguette"… Sound like it'd make a good movie title. Either way, I wanna hear that story.

  4. Oh man, I love Hanna's expression on the last panel. So simple but so expressive.

  5. Aww, poor birdie. I've had more luck then Eve, I've saved 3/4 birds.

  6. Julie kicks ass. Nuff said.

    I seriously wish this was how life was. right next to scott pilgrim.

  7. It's Snowy!

  8. Octopus Pie: one comic, a million stories.

  9. coming back to this several years later, didn’t eve catch and save a baby eagle twice? it may have been over a decade since this comic was posted but by god i’m here to ask the important questions in life

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