#116 – the shot

This is.... a Pulp Fiction joke! I like that Hanna is maybe vaguely turned on. Recently I watched The Rock (1996) and there is a running plot thread where Nicholas Cage's character needs to self-inject an antidote into his heart, and there is a lot of hemming and hawing about whether to do it. I don't know how the writers thought we still wanted more of that in our lives. The movie did great at the box office, and this particular comic made me a millionaire, so apparently they (and me) were right. PS Sorry I missed a couple of commentary days this week - I was traveling for a wedding and fell behind! The posts are retroactively commented on, and commentary resumes as normal!

4 thoughts on “#116 – the shot

  1. This comic made you a millioinaire?? Because Eve gave the bird a shot in the heart?

  2. Ah, I can relate. I also get turned on by pop culture references.

  3. I like to think that, between panels 3 and 4, Julie said, "The day I bring an OD-ing parrot over to your place, then I give it the shot. Give it the shot."

  4. Even the dog is impressed.

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