#1002 – snrk

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  1. Wow, that, in the middle, was a very dark place for Hannah to be. It resonated very deep… So beautiful, Mer and Val!

  2. Own it, Hannah

  3. Hanna reminds me so much of a female Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes.

  4. I've Irish goodbye'd for smaller panic attacks than that. =/

  5. My baby! She swallowed her tried. What a sequence. I'm so proud.

  6. baw. i'd like to think that those little speech bubbles are hannah planning out the awkward conversation with marigold she's been putting off/dreading. kinda almost wonder if in masterful meddler hannah fashion this entire party was a front for her to be able to do that 😛

    1. like seriously this is the perfect description of the process of over-thinking/dread/anxiety without using any words besides a snrk. homegirl just went through all the feels in what seems like a few minutes. i know we're getting to the end soon, and i really want some hannah closure TT_TT

      1. Mer has used those in the past for heavy breathing.. I think it's part of her panic, and having just thrown up.

    2. oh see, I figured she was panting/hyperventilating

  7. looks like Hannah finally discovered the void she was looking for here: http://www.octopuspie.com/2014-09-30/709-714-i-wa

    Didn't like it.

    and is ready to come back.

    1. Thing is, I think Hannah actually needs a little "void".

      The "zone" that the runner referenced is peace. When Hannah started waxing poetical about the "void" she did talk about getting away from people, sure, but mostly strangers that she found annoying–cyclists, bankers, etc. She moves on to talk about "worldly obstacles", her "troubled mind", and being "empty". She only desires freedom from people as a means to an end, and that end is freedom from her own malignant thoughts.

      I think, briefly, she found her nothing: http://www.octopuspie.com/2014-11-03/723-724-to-t
      But it didn't last. Or, she can't access it easily. Whatever the case, she has bad thoughts (she can't date, she can't find happiness) and rather than realizing them for what they are, she starts thinking that unhappiness is "just life now" and, worse, starts pushing people away, which of course only feeds into the bad thoughts more.

      Hannah right here is only in a "void" in a social sense: she is alone and she feels awful. She is nowhere near the "void" that she wanted: peace.

      I think Hannah should start seeing a counselor if she can afford it.

  8. Man I love this comic series. The emotions conveyed with almost single handed imagery alone. Gonna miss it when it concludes.

  9. I'm honestly not sure whether I'm rooting for the brave face Hannah's putting on in the last few panels to hold, or whether it might be better for her if it cracks a little. That was a rough series of small betrayals (or what likely felt like them to her, anyway) – Marek, Will, Larry, and Jane/Mar right in a rapid-fire row.

    Really intrigued to see how this wraps up.

  10. Hannah's Ferris Wheel moment!

  11. See? She'll live, it's fine. Atta girl.

    (Looks almost like the stages of grief?)

  12. This is me in those moments except multiply that second row by three. Don't think I'd have been able to compose myself so quickly after so many blows to my soul like that. The colors as always are fantastic at elevating everything, and those vulnerable Hannah drawings are heartbreaking. Really hoping there's some light at the end of the tunnel here.

  13. Hey, I know that void!

  14. This is probably the realest set of emotions I have ever seen. Or experienced. Or whatever.

  15. Despite that I don't have much in common with Hannah in terms of personality traits, I couldn't relate more with her in the past few pages ,especially this one! That raw sadness when everything just isn't working and you just want to cry .. but you can't, because to you .. crying is a sign of weakness, and you can't show this side to anyone.. even yourself.

  16. Did this recently ?? Hannah you get that mutual respect & commitment to your larger social boundaries. Tribe's waiting

  17. Maybe I'm reaching, but I'm starting to feel a sort of full-circle or slow role-reversal thing going on? Eve's in a spot that's thematically kinda like Hannah was at the start of the comic, and vice versa.

    At the start, Hannah was a generally contented, lively, impulsive, well-connected person, who was in a committed relationship, and seemed to have all the answers. Eve was a disatisfied, listless loner, recently became single, felt uncertain about her future or what was right, and had grown distant from most of her former relationships. If you flip Hannah and Eve now, as we get down to the end… it's not a perfect fit, but it's weird how they sorta fit into each other's shoes, circa the start of things.

    Plenty has changed for both of them, but it seems like there might be something here?
    Maybe it's Eve's turn to be Hannah's supportive foil and quasi Life Coach, as she figures out her own future? *shrug*

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