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It's tempting from both a writing and reading standpoint to look at the way one character suffers and conclude they're being Wronged by another. And certainly Marigold and Jane have it in them to be cold and petty. But I meant in this moment for Hanna to learn her toughest lesson yet: that her bad feelings are hers, that most people are too absorbed in their own lives to even notice she's suffering, let alone deliberately victimize her. When things really get low, she only has herself. There is no conspiracy against her, but there is also no help.

4 thoughts on “#1001 – freshco

  1. Well said, Meredith!

  2. If you look closely, you can actually pinpoint the exact moment my heart breaks in two.

  3. That's really interesting, as I had read it somewhat differently first time around. I thought Marigold either hadn't seen or hadn't wanted to have seen Hanna, and was thus looking straight ahead. And, for Marigold, choosing to be at a party for Eve organised by Hanna and where she therefore knows Hanna will be, is as much concession as she is able or willing to make. I thought Jane *had* seen Hanna, and had noted all was not well, but had decided, witch to witch, that Hanna would not want comfort from her at this stage…so Jane's lack of acknowledgement was in itself a small act of kindness.

    I went back and forth over whether Don's expectoration was contempt or indifference, though.

    1. I read it as "Marigold's pretending she's not there to keep things civil and also as a bit of a 'fuck you, I don't need you,' Jane sees her but doesn't really have any reason or desire to break off from the group (it's not like she and Hanna are close, and it'd be a minor betrayal toward Mar), and Don has no investment whatsoever and doesn't really even realize she's there."

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