#099 – rock solid inhibitions

7 thoughts on “#099 – rock solid inhibitions

  1. I never noticed the On The Waterfront reference before. Nice.

  2. Can't… stop… laughing.

    Did you plan that joke from the introduction of the ice skating, or did it come to you in a flash of pure genius?

  3. Oh hey, just rereading the archives here, and I noticed the typo in the first panel. "Kindess."

    It's a pleasure to read the archives. The only flaw with your comic is that no human being could produce it at the rate I wish to consume it.

    1. i know you'll probably never see this, given your comment was written 9 years and a few months ago, but thank you for pointing this out. this is my third time reading through the series and i'd never noticed it yet.
      it really is a pleasure to read through the archives.

  4. Oh god, the Brando is just too great.

  5. Yes yes I think Hanna is wise in the ways of Bran-dao.

  6. Oh the irony. Her father agreed with her mother's desire to pull her out of figure skating because he felt it was too girly for his daughter, but she had really wanted to play hockey the whole time.

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