#98 – ice queen

[[Hanna and Eve are in a restaurant, Hanna is disgusted by a soggy croissant]] Hanna: "This is <b>soaked</b> in grease. They have no idea what they're doing." Eve: "Just eat the fucking croissant." [[Next to the table where Marek, Hanna and Eve are sitting at, stands a "CupCare" segway]] Marek: "Want to try my bagel, Hanna?" Hanna: "I want to eat an actual pastry." Eve: "Then you find us a place we can park that thing." [[Hanna mopes]] Hanna: "Oh God. It's all because I'm a cripple! Doomed to society's mediocre scraps and reassuring back pats!" [[Eve puts a reassuring hand on Hana's shoulder]] Eve: "It's not so bad. At least people don't <b>expect</b> things from you." [[Hanna gets up to leave, giving Eve the evil eye]] Hanna: "Easy for you to say, ice queen." [[Eve and Marek stare at Hanna, dragging her sad segway into the street]] [[Marek eats his bagel, Eve frowns]] Marek: "The doctors say it's post-coccyx stress." Eve: "She doesn't need to <b>be</b> a coccyx."

6 thoughts on “#98 – ice queen

  1. HA HA! Wordplay

  2. hooray for shameless punning!

  3. Awesome!

  4. Is that an 'au bon pain'?

  5. haha it is an au bon pain lol i used to work there 😀

  6. richard schumacher

    Nice segue

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