#097 – loose ends

7 thoughts on “#097 – loose ends

  1. I'll never completely understand the wearing stuff you hate iroically thing. Is that more or less a New Yorker phenomenon? I'm a nations Capital kinda gal..so I guess the culture is just different.

  2. SecretlyASuperhero

    AHA America's name has stars here too

  3. People actually DO that, wearing stuff they hate? I'm a Louisiana kinda girl, so I don't try to keep up with the craziness of y'all big city folk.

    1. there are plenty hipsters in New Orleans. Trust me.

  4. I like to imagine, in the last panel, Eve's mom is thinking 'thank god, I thought I'd lost this shirt, I'm gonna wear the SHIT out of it'

  5. she is either a tiny woman or she was a huge 6 year old

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