#091 – oooh

7 thoughts on “#091 – oooh

  1. You're amazing at expressions. The last panel made me laugh so much, just because of the face she was pulling.

    DESTINYYYYYYYYYYY -manical face-

  2. Is that Hanna at the beginning there?

    1. the way eve's mom reminded eve of hanna was from a photo of them in pre-k…so probably, yeah.

  3. Eve had such a filthy mouth in grade school.

  4. 🙂 she gets "ooooooooo"ed for something that is pretty common with present day kids…

  5. hmmmmmm, salon, or destiny???

    …I choose salon 🙂

  6. "We train young girls to hit each other in the head for a game, but we won't allow them to say the word 'fuck' to each other, because that would be obscene."

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