#090 – undocumented talent

11 thoughts on “#090 – undocumented talent

  1. Favorite character! Wottt.

  2. I wish my name would audibly sparkle when other folks said it. The drama in my life would increase tenfold! (Also, it would be as hilarious as it is here.)

  3. IT'S ON!

  4. God, I hate that America Jones SOOO much. I haven't met her or read the next page, or anything, I just presume I would.

  5. i am always trying to get my name to have that effect…

    asIA SANchez

    doesn't really work though

    1. it works, you have a continent for a name and a common last name!

  6. Am I the only person who noticed those awesome high heeled skates?

    1. Those belong in a fantastic 70's action movie about ice-skating and disco.

  7. http://www.gravatar.

    I assume America's name has a little musical number to go with it


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