#090 – undocumented talent

I heard the term "hog on ice" in the lyrics of a Tom Waits song from Rain Dogs. Again, not the kind of music I put on much anymore. But sometimes a phrase and a song just sticks to you in a place and time! There ya go.

5 thoughts on “#090 – undocumented talent

  1. Can we get some context on the conceptualization of ***AMERICAN JONES***? I always wondered what led to this character being created.

  2. The high heeled ice skate is a great touch

  3. Oh my god, I love you for re-posting these. I started to read the comics a little after it became colored, and while I read the archives, this way make it look like I'm accompanying the comic being posted by the first time!


  4. This is one of my favorite story lines and the **AMERICA JONES** gag never gets old

  5. I had forgotten America Jones, a large part of this theory I made up that if you want your baby to be the most unstoppably successful person at whatever they do, the statistically most flawless name would be: Akira American Creed.

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