#089 – lounging career

10 thoughts on “#089 – lounging career

  1. I know this post is way old and maybe this comic isn't upkept anymore, but I must say this comic right here would be all the payoff I would ever need.

  2. The frowniest ice angel of all.

  3. That sequence of Eve jumping is beautiful, despite the frown!

    1. The Prolific Mr. Ano

      I think it's made more beautiful by the frown.


    I have no idea how to spell that. But that's what that jump spin is called. 😀

    1. I'm gonna be that ice skating dork that points out… many years later… that it's called an axel when on ice. *sheepish face* (I was never able to pull one off as a kid. Those mofos are hard!)

      I know next to nothing about dancing, I learned what a tour jete is today thanks to you :3

  5. Rereading OP from the beginning might have been the best thing I’ve done today. :3

    1. I'm working on a first-time read-through from the beginning. This strip is on the readme lists of several other favorite webcomics, and now I know why…

    2. i'm doing the same right now!

  6. I did not know it was physically possible to do an angry pirouette.

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