#088 – crunch

Something I didn't give a lot of care to in earlier OP strips was the placement of the words. I made sure they fit into the panel, but didn't consider the journey of the eye. The last 2 panels here are particularly jarring for the reader, asking them to move from the bottom of panel 8 to the tippy top of panel 9. If I redid this I'd probably have Hanna on the bottom of panel 8, to follow the action of the previous panel and leave space on top for the text.

5 thoughts on “#088 – crunch

  1. Love her expression in panel 7.

  2. I like it the way it was. The crunch is under her, where it belongs.

  3. I didn't really mind here. It kind of had an effect of legit wonder after hearing something at the bottom crunch. Badum tss

  4. I personally like the sound effect box at the bottom of panel 8, like her butt is CRUNCHing right into the sound, but I see what you mean about the readability.

  5. I mean, imo, the text placement being jarring works here, because the actual action is jarring. Disorientation due to layout can be a useful tool.

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