#089 – lounging career

This was a popular strip! I'd see a lot of animation like this in Calvin and Hobbes Sundays in the 90s. It was nice to have a justifiable reason to try it here.

6 thoughts on “#089 – lounging career

  1. I love every one of Eve’s facial expressions in panel 4.

  2. I've never noticed before, but I love how grouchy Eve looks while skating! Usually I'm too impressed by how smooth and graceful all her lines are, but the face is perfect.

    1. Honestly everyone's expressions here are perfect. From Eve's to Hanna's and even Marek which could be difficult due to his lack of visible eyes.

  3. I loooove how terribly unhappy Eve looks about the whole thing.

    And that’s your coccyx, Hannah, you broke your coccyx (TEE HEE). Or so I’m assuming.

  4. That, kids, is what muscle memory looks like. She's not even having fun (or maybe even proud of herself) and yet she executes it perfectly.

  5. In #715, Hanna says she has no ass… did she have it removed because of this incident?

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