#086 – love is…

Remember when Rudy Guiliani sort of looked like he had a skeleton inside of him, maintaining the shape of a human body? Dawn Ning remembers.

15 thoughts on “#086 – love is…

  1. Rudy Giuliani, what a whacko

  2. I am mystified and confused by the duck — is that some sort of wipe or tissue dispenser?

    I'm sure there's (yet another) reference or clever quack I'm missing 🙁

    Searching for "duck wipes" does find stuff, but …

    1. It's bread.

      1. Doh! I'm obviously doing a crumby job of using my head, I must be a few slices short of a full loaf …

        Thanks 🙂

    2. it's bread. The duck said it right there

    3. ThDuckSeeksOnlyBread

      it's wonderbread 🙂

    4. It's a bag o' bread.

    5. It's a loaf of bread in a plastic bag.

    6. Ducks love bread. Mitch Hedberg told us so.

    7. it's bread mate

  3. The Queen Megamix for bed action is "Body Language" on loop.

  4. Oh fuck that is Rudy. I though it was her husband and now I'm never getting this mental image out of my head…

  5. The duck wipes are a package of sliced bread — ducks seek only bread.

  6. Really feelin' Eve in that last panel.

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