Octopus Pie Holiday Cards

Irony is dead and buried, but it was a pretty helpful way of dealing with shit, eh? Or maybe hiding from it. It was good for the secondhand clothing industry, anyway.

7 thoughts on “Octopus Pie Holiday Cards

  1. I love everything I love un-ironically. Like bucket hats in high school. Hell yeah.

  2. Irony is when an action has the opposite of it's intended purpose. You can't intentionally do something whose goal is irony.

    It's quite ironic, actually.

    1. Before someone comes along to correct me, I am fascinated to learn via the wikipedia page (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irony) that my above contention is only considered a secondary definition of irony and the primary (and original?) one is saying what one doesn't mean. TIL.

      1. So your goal was to teach and correct, and yet you learned and were corrected yourself.

        A little too ironic, I really do think.

      2. I learned it from Futurama. o/~ The use of words expressing something other than their literal intention! Now that! Is! Irony! o/~

  3. Realising now that Hanna kinda turned into an earlier version of Eve later on. Does that mean Eve was some kind of positivity vampire?

  4. Go for four chords

    C Am F G

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