#078 – it’s cool

9 thoughts on “#078 – it’s cool

  1. Will wins 200 points for the perfect reply in the last panel. 🙂

  2. Hah, funny how Will admires trust, after seeing his escapades with Larry.

    1. Larry? Is there a subcomic also with Will? If so, I need to see it NOW!!! D:!!!

      1. Wait, "subcomic?" "also?" What am I missing?

        And who's Larry again?

        Maybe I'm reading too fast.

        Also, I have no idea who the Decemberists are.

        1. You guys have probably discovered this by now, but you don't meet Larry until a flashback much later in the comic.

        2. So it's a spoiler? GASP!

  3. Will. Is. My. Favorite. Character. Ever.

  4. richardschumacher

    What book is Eve reading?

  5. Don't hang yourself, Love

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