#076 – dumber things

I can't believe how much Eve obsesses over this date. Very sitcommy! I was listening to a lot of Brazilian Girls this year, and that's why Eve's mom calls her a Lazy Lover. [spotifyplaybutton play="spotify:track:0nghE8iUqF4SkTaMqQNxiG"/]

9 thoughts on “#076 – dumber things

  1. So is her mom just a genius, or really not a very nice person?

    1. Why not both?

    2. porquenolosdos.gif

    3. I think Mom just knows Eve needs a kick in the ass.

    4. a little of both?

  2. I love that Manuel (the cat) is only visible in the room at the exact moment Eve declares that he is not in the room.

  3. I'm Hanna, I love free dinner from parents

  4. wow, Hanna has really good hearing

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