#075 – bad at this

Bowling is miserably expensive in NY, where space is just too expensive and long alleyways are a myth. I think Melody Lanes in Sunset Park is still reasonably cheap? Check it out and tell me I'm (probably) wrong.

8 thoughts on “#075 – bad at this

  1. I bowl like Eve even when I'm not distracted by romance troubles.

    1. I bowl like Eve when I try to bowl with 'proper' form. If I granny bowl, then I'm halfway competent.

  2. Melody Lanes is still reasonable! You can get in and out for under $20. And the crazy bartender is still there.

  3. Vague warning powers activated!

  4. Also, this might be a good time to tell the story of the time I nearly got thrown out of a bowling alley.

    I was at the campus bowling alley with a group of about 8-10 other people. We were the only people in the alley, aside from the two employees, who were hanging out in the arcade after getting us set up with shoes and assigning lanes. One guy in our group was so bad that he couldn't even knock down pins granny style. Everyone felt sorry for this guy, so on the second throw of one of his frames, we decided that everyone would stand on the line and launch as many balls down the lane as we could manage. We probably threw at least twenty balls down the lane. Only one of the balls even hit the pins, and that managed to knock down about eight or nine pins.

    Needless to say, the frame machine clogged on that lane. Everyone was sputtering too hard from laughter to speak, and we nudged our most awkward guy towards the two employees in the arcade. Our representative stood near the employees while the rest of the group gazed on from the arcade entrance, and when he finally regained his composure enough to speak, all he could get out was "I broke my balls". I think the staff thought we had put him up to saying something dirty to them, and they were even more livid when someone finally managed to communicate what happened.

    The employee who came to help gave us the dirtiest looks as he unclogged the machine. If my group had messed up something else that night, I'm certain we would have been banned for life from the campus alley.

  5. [spoiler] Marek's advice seems hypocritical in hindsight, as clearly, dating a focused guy will only get you being dumped when it's time for him to "focus" on important things.

  6. Wow, I guess it makes sense that Bowling and NYC don't really get along, space-wise. In my midwest college town, it's $5 a person with 25¢ shoes! Then again, there's not much else to do but get drunk and (optionally) go bowling out there.

  7. What luxury is this? Bowling machines where you can put in names longer than three letters?

    Well, maybe there's a reason the bowling alleys in my town charge like, $0.70

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