#074 – bucket to go

Ha ha the bucket's in a giant bag. I like this gag. The last panel was intended to lampshade whatever reactionary thing we were expecting Eve to say. I don't think it really reads as a punchline, but somehow I've gotten off scot free from this incident for years.

4 thoughts on “#074 – bucket to go

  1. i'm really enjoying rereading OP with all the added commentary, I feel like l'm watching the special features of my favorite movie 🙂 thanks for doing this!

  2. Giant booze bucket is an A+ gag. The paper bag made me lose it

  3. The little straw in the booze bucket is killing me

  4. The discreet paper bag is like, the only joke I remember in this comic. Funny story, my eyes completely glanced over it on my second read-through and found a comment that talked about it and then got amazed all over again and then I realized it was a comment made by me with a username I had almost forgot I used to have and for a moment I lived in the Twilight Zone.

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