#073 – missing connections

Do people still say "friend" as a verb? I don't think so. But it may not count for nothing anymore.

4 thoughts on “#073 – missing connections

  1. I believe the verb is I "followed" you, these days.

  2. I say "friend" as a verb…


  3. Following is one-way, pretty much everywhere. Definitely makes it a more attractive alternative to friending.

    "Friending" is still a thing on Facebook, even though you can "follow" somebody or something independently of their friend status. For me, "friending" someone is as emotionally involving as "poking" them, in the long term anyway. They may post a lot, but if their posts annoy you, you can unfollow them and just willingly check them out from time to time.

  4. Friending is as good as calling these days. Better, even, because so many Milenialls have phone anxiety.

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