#072 – crummy ex-boyfriend

Tiny New York icons abound here! Neck Face was a prominent street artist in the mid-00s. My understanding is that he's transitioned into the gallery scene. I think most of his graffiti has died a natural death. Jackie's 5th was a mainstay dive bar in south Park Slope until 2013. If you've been to Park Slope lately you can probably guess why it's gone. I think it's like a massage place for dogs now.

5 thoughts on “#072 – crummy ex-boyfriend

  1. did jackies close because lack of stroller access?

  2. Ha, Hanna will regret that "bang your ex" comment in like, 7 years/400 comics.

  3. I checked Google Maps streetview history and it seems that after closing Jackie's was shortly absorbed by the Pharmacy next door. How the mighty fall.

  4. This may be the first OP rendition of a real-life bar/restaurant. Plenty of great examples of those over the years!

  5. I crack up so hard at the "You go back there and bone him, Ning! You bone him right now!"
    Oh Hanna, beautiful priorities.

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