#067 – natural phenomenon

9 thoughts on “#067 – natural phenomenon

  1. Nameless Stranger

    lol, Eve looks kinda cute with her hair short!! XD

    But it makes her look so young!

  2. At first I began this comic thinking "scott pilgrim for girls? i guess i'll bite." I still think that, but I still thoroughly enjoy the comic. thanks 😀

  3. What exactly makes this "for girls"? That the main character is female?

    Silly me. I seem to have mistaken this for a webcomic. Little did I know it was a webcomic for girls.

    1. Perhaps what Ian here was referring to was the fact that the comic resembles what Scott Pilgrim would be like if the main characters were in fact girls and was not in fact insulting the nature of the webcomic by delegating it to the "for girls" stereotype.

      Well, I sincerely hope he was.

  4. Sepia tone. Flashback?

  5. "Scott Pilgrim? Isn't that like Akira for Americans?"

    I jest.

    Meredith, you have QC to thank for pointing me to your great comic, which has entertained me for the first half hour of another day of redundancy. I thank you.

    1. Scott Pilgrim is Canadian. THE MORE YOU KNOW!

      1. And "American" refers to both continents in the rest of the world. Only in the United States do people abbreviate to the last word.

  6. This is really good. I need to leave or I will take I an unholy amount of time catching up. So good.

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