#010 – combos

Pretty sure "is y'all all right?" was a reference to a song Beyonce did for the third Austin Powers movie. I don't remember this song having heavy rotation in my life, or anybody's life, but clearly it did in Hanna's.

4 thoughts on “#010 – combos

  1. Hannah is so much punk.

  2. So "googling" suggests that Combos are "cylindrical tubes of cracker, pretzel, or tortilla, available with various fillings" :S

    If that's correct it adds a new dimension of … _Hannahness_ … to this page.

    1. a band I really like (the bad bad hats) has a song with a lyric about combos. When they play it live, the lead singer explains combos as "a small tube filled with pizza, which is also a description of my body."

  3. Even in these early pages, there was so much going on in Octopus Pie. The artwork wasn't what it became but I still had this feeling, week by week, every page was showing you something ~new~ about the characters. It wasn't just a vehicle for gags — even though the gags, and the still under-represented millenial slacker perspective of the characters that they revealed, were more than enough to drive the comic alone. Many seemed to get by on larger readership with much less…

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