#008 – blood oranges

This is a sort of Clerks moment, I guess being fresh out of university it was fresh on my mind. In Olly's first appearance he's actually kind of fit? I remember seeing someone's PostSecret that they'd hit it.

9 thoughts on “#008 – blood oranges

  1. Holy cow, PostSecret. I knew the comic had been running for a while, but geez.

    1. fun fact: Postsecret still runs today. The other day a customer mentioned just having come from one of the in-person meetups (which doesn’t make sense to me, but ok)

      1. haha damn

      2. "Hey, you ever post on the site? Ha ha, yeah me neither." >___>

  2. Great, another thing to spend 5 valuable minutes of work everyday. New to OP, cool that you're doing this.

    And it took me a few minutes to realize Ning is Eve's last name, oh well…

    1. The in-comic character revelation of the pun later on is going to blow your mind 😉

  3. man, back when olly cared

  4. HAHAHAH oh no wait a minute that seriously might have been me. I'm now old enough to not care about that anymore!

  5. So… raise the price?

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