#674 – like basically a hero

June 7th, 2014

#674 – like basically a hero

Hey all, posting from Charlottesville, VA! I had a lovely time at Telegraph Gallery last night! Thanks to everyone who came by. My art will be hanging there for the duration of my show, so stop by and have a look. There are also some super sick signed prints, which I’m told will go on sale online soon.


Discussion (36)¬

  1. None says:

    it i'd be awkward if aimee is attending the same party will just left

  2. Omnithea says:

    Lord….she's at an identical party…
    You forge new kinds of knives to twist in our hearts, Gran.

  3. Dell says:

    Seeing her makes me sad for some reason. Maybe because she's more like a real person now.

  4. Lucian says:

    Oh will FFS do NOT tell me you are just letting this slide.

  5. Laxantes says:

    So we'll finally meet 'his man'?

  6. LoesphJG says:

    Gawd WHY is a fictional, non-real, bunch of choreographed lines of a woman making me FEEL THINGS ABOUT HER

  7. sep332 says:

    Looks like the bartender did pretty good with that.

  8. Alexis says:

    "Aaaon (super)"

    We're going to hear this guy's story, right.

    You gotta tell us why this guy is so super.

  9. Marvin Choi says:

    Okay, if like…there isn't some plan set in motion…to set those weed-stealers apartment on fire…then I'm gonna invent a machine that'll allow me to jump into the world of Octopus Pie, jump in with my machete and katana, and wreck up the place.

  10. Josh says:

    Will thinks Aaaon is super.

  11. Morgan says:

    Pretty sure Aaron is his superintendent, like, the building-type guy.

    Will is a very together dude, and I can definitely see him putting that detail in the contact for quick finding. It is good characterization, really.

    That being said, this guy may also be super.

  12. Hurrah says:

    So he knew how she would respond and called her reluctantly, and the slap in the face is that she 'wishes' she was there but won't leave her party to be with him? Everyone is just a bunch of dicks in this, apparently.

    • lawrenceevalyn says:

      I assumed she was in a different city, and the "wishing to be there" was a longer-term problem. But maybe I'm forgetting things we already know about her?

    • Mycroft says:

      They're not all dicks. They're characters written like real people. Which means you're right, they're dicks.

  13. Ddd says:

    Have we seen Abbie before?

  14. andrew says:

    who is aaaon, what kind of name is aaaon

  15. steelbright says:

    It looks more like her response is not the kind of help he needs or wants right now. Like, that sort of person overly-justifying their friends' actions and pretending the world is out to get them. sometimes that helps. sometimes it's just too much.

    suuuch great writing. i just shouted at Will in exasperation :[

  16. adidonet says:

    I miss will and eve :( there aint no escaping this OTP
    Not after the xmas comic !

  17. @zumikiss says:

    Better Call Stan.

  18. patatoes says:

    Let's hope Stan is a very big, strong angry men, shall we?

  19. Robert says:

    Stan? Stan? As in, "I'm Waiting for My Stan"?

  20. feng says:

    He did do something wrong. He didn't play the mechanics of the crowd, and so he made himself its victim just as inevitably as Aimee's making him this second crowd's hero.