#470 – who’s your friend

May 28th, 2011

#470 – who’s your friend

Whoa Saturday update! Looks super nice outside. That’s where I’m going. Have a good one.


Discussion (33)¬

  1. muddkipz says:

    who is this? I don't remember her…
    On another note, It's great to see Will smiling after all this sulking he's been doing. This is a great comic, and I'm excited to see where this is heading.

  2. matt w says:

    Love the dialogue in panel 1.

  3. someone says:

    Ha! Love the alt text. 😀

  4. jTh says:

    Ah, the long-awaited return! I’m riveted now!

  5. OOooOOOooooOOOOooOOOo Will's ladyfriend!

    Also yeah, that's a classy bit of dialogue in the first panel x3 'So I says to her I says…'

  6. @yojenkim says:

    I read the comic a second time as per your instructions. I hope you spent all your alt-text thinking time outside.

  7. @CLRgrrl says:

    Niiiiice lettering!

  8. Kevin says:

    AAAAAAHHHHH aimee's so pretty it hurts

  9. Is her name Aimee!? I'm so PSYCHED that I totes remembered that before Kevin's comment. I was actually gonna say "I remembered her name first (out of those who have commented so far)." I… get psyched easily?

    And hooray for Saturday updates! :)

  10. Lunchbox says:

    Coincidental, I was re-reading the Renaissance Unfair arc just an hour ago. Probably one of my favourite arcs in this webcomic to date.

    Nice to see Aimee again – and since he's broken up with Marigold and been rejected by Eve, maybe Will can pursue a relationship honestly this time XD. Man, I hope she's broken up with the douchebag (Bert, methinks his name was) she was with – then again, I would love to see Bert again. He was as hilarious as he was annoying, and I think the second last strip we saw him in hinted that he was acting in it all along.

    I mean, I do love the idea of Will and Eve together, but Aimee's not going to stupidly reject him because she feels uncomfortable with the idea. I hope something comes of this – Will deserves it ^__^

    Although Larry and his cousin's grins in the last panel are damn creepy D:

  11. Jim North says:

    No alt text?! That's it! I'M NEVER READING THIS COMIC EVER AGAIN!

  12. Spencer says:

    So, I've been reading this comic in parts for about a month now, and I'm upset because I've just caught up….Do you understand what this means?!?!? I have to wait for more awesomeness like everyone else now!

    You know a book is amazing when you get pissed off on the last page, simply because you've reached the last page….I know it's only for a couple days or so, but still!

  13. Arkadi says:

    Woohee, look who's back! 😀

  14. elton john says:

    will + eve again peeeaaaasssss

  15. Girl says:

    Hand lettering is looking nice!!

  16. cattorney says:

    Love it. Will is happy, which makes me happy. Then again, when any character appears on a new OP update makes me happy (even if they're self-loathing or anger-loving, like our heroine).

  17. Leith says:

    More animated gifs?

  18. Louis says:

    "Whose cross-section of a conversation actually sounds like this?" Classic.

    I remember Aimee. I love how you make all these call backs in the comic.

    Also, nice job on all the detail in the surrounding/background crowd. Every person looks unique.

  19. Liam says:

    VERY happy there's no alt text. I constantly forget they exist! Then I have to spend hours going through the archives, reading the alt text, just to make sure I didn't miss anything…

  20. Nico says:

    I remember Aimee! She's cute. :)

  21. Jay says:

    So are we back to weekly updates? Just wondering when I ought to check the site.

  22. VinKong says:

    Alt text is a weird thing. A blessing mixed with a burden…In reading through the archives of 'girly' you can actually detect the point where the burden of alt text slowly drives josh to the edge, the very brink. then it disappears for two story arcs. then it returns, but only when he feels like it.

  23. chumpstine says:

    i feel like a dumb chump because i don't understand panel 1….. there goes my self worth…

  24. Kneethan says:

    Re-read the comic, just to spite you, Ms. Gran. And I'll have you know, I enjoyed every second of it, so there.

  25. Nick says:

    OH YEAH I just remembered her from that quick run-in at the arc in which Larry is introduced. I just assumed characters were being introduced left and right. Good call.