#662 – you did it

May 3rd, 2014

#662 – you did it

Yay, it’s Spring! For those who’v’e been counting, this is my 10th update – a holdover from April. There’ll be 10 more comic pages this May, so it’ll be a PRETTY FULL MONTH. Plus TCAF… oh man! Check back lots.


Discussion (15)¬

  1. Yotomoe says:

    You haven't seen Nathan? Why don't you look? Look with your special Eyes.

  2. Japong says:

    Just burn the place down, Will.

    This is not worth your time.

  3. Omnithea says:

    Find a collection of something (Vinyl records/Star Wars figurines) and start breaking it. The owner will emerge to defend it.

  4. Commenter says:

    I like the hairbun girl. She has big pupils.

  5. Lucian says:

    Turns out they weren't even invited. Everybody just showed up, like giant cloud of delinquent Victors, descending upon unsuspecting houses across the country.

  6. mementomori3 says:

    New indie band: Eaten By Fixies

  7. Bonnie says:

    lolllll will's pant leg, not worth it

  8. Josh says:

    Plonking at iPhone
    She doesn't know who lives here
    High out of her mind

  9. rufi says:

    Will is my favourite character besides Eve, so I'm happy to get a storyline with him. He's so real!

  10. shade of blue says:

    I have a feeling Will is going to have to use his "serious drug dealer" routine in this arc.

  11. Commenter says:

    I just noticed he ripped his shirt, too.