#465 – working on me

March 4th, 2014

#465 – working on me

Hey all. What’s new? Let’s see. I’m probably going to take the rest of the day off to read a book and make dumplings. Sound good?


Discussion (23)¬

  1. Aristarco says:

    Who's this guy and what has he done to Marek!?!?!

  2. Toby R says:

    Aw, I like how Nadine puts 2+2 together, yet poor Nik is oblivious to what that means for Marek…

  3. Basmah says:

    Love how you create atmosphere. It's in the little things!

  4. Stephalopod says:

    I think a lot of commenters have been as oblivious as Nik. Rightfully so, very few of us really wanted this to happen.

  5. Saturnome says:

    Whump. That's also the sound I made D:

  6. OneMorePelican says:

    All around me are familiar faces, worn out places, worn out faces…

    • Xiy says:

      "Bright and early for the daily races, going nowhere, going nowhere…"

      I think that's pretty appropriate for the direction this chapter is going…

  7. laurak says:

    forgive me but i cant remember if his parents are living in new york or back in poland?

    • swissaboo says:

      You don't remember because that hasn't been explicitly stated! A lot of people think that its being heavily implied though.

  8. I am confused says:

    I'm lost here. *Why* does Marek feel he has to leave Hannah now he's graduated?

    • Liz says:

      Marek and Hannah are incompatible long term. Hannah strongly doesn't' want kids, and Marek strongly does. Also, I think he may be only on a student visa that has now expired, but I'm not sure on the last part.

      • PleaseInsertPun says:

        I think in one of the comments on a previous post Meredith denied the whole student visa thing people came up with. I kinda too from the comic with Marek talking about the 90s that he and his family were living in the US then, though they hadn't been there long (he saw the 90s Nick cartoons but had trouble understanding the English).

  9. @Dope_Danny says:

    Feelbird take me away

  10. wykstrad says:

    Is the cat allergic to Marek?

  11. Natalie W says:

    Just realized that it's probably significant that we can see both of his eyes in this arc. Does that mean they're open now? (Sad.)

    • Xiy says:

      He has to address reality, he can't be silly Marek who ignores the long-term… His eyes are open because he sees that the time for joking around with Hannah is over.

      I think the happy days of Octopus Pie are over, guys…

  12. kamesen says:

    Ouch…my…heart… You know though, pain is honest. And it makes you think about things. Better to hurt a lot for a little while than to be unhappy or uncertain for the rest of your life. Whatever happens, I hope they'll be happy.

  13. jon says:

    "'Me Time' with Marek". I would totally watch the hell out of that show.

  14. Niggys says:


    Why!! This has to mean something!!

  15. TRA says:

    Awww, so sad! And the cat sneezes, and the book goes whump, and Marek gets on the same ship as Tintin, to sail home. But luckily, I think we will see Marek again! :)

  16. RobjustRob says:

    I'm very sad now.