#646 – no wonder you’re having crazy dreams

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32 thoughts on “#646 – no wonder you’re having crazy dreams

  1. Eve's got like, 3 boyfriend pillows hidden under that bed.

  2. That's true tho. If you're gonna spend money on anything, spend it on a bed.

  3. the atmosphere you’ve created in one page here is incredible. i’m really feeling that specific sort of isolation.

  4. Dang, what's Eve and Marigold's problem? Hannah's clearly not having the best of times over there and they're off in their own world completely ignoring her.

    1. Hannah might not want help or company right now. That's evidenced by her not picking up the phone when it's ringing (could be Marek calling, but he said he needed time to himself). She seems to want to be alone right now. Although, Eve and Marigold's chatting about comparatively trivial stuff is probably intensely aggravating to her 🙁

      1. When you're in that state of mind, just about anything can be intensely aggravating.

    2. well, she's clearly in the bath. who wants to be bothered when they're in the bath?

    3. It could be one or both of two things.

      1)(and I say this as someone who has gone through terrible break-ups and suffers from chronic clinical depression), you need to let people know that you need help to get it. Hanna IS doing this, but in a passive way – eventually they'll catch on, but for now…
      2)It feels awkward and uncomfortable to approach someone in an emotional crisis. Dealing with a big problem like this is difficult, and not knowing where the lines not to cross for someone who is hurt is scary (because you don't want to trigger them and make it worse), and there's always the naive hope that maybe they're not that bad and can sort through it themselves. Eventually it becomes clear that this is not the case, but it takes a while. Sometimes, people don't admit that a loved one needs help until after they're past helping.

      Eve and Marigold aren't exactly the most emotionally mature people, so most likely they're still either in denial or are in avoidance mode. Since they do care about Hannah they'll probably snap out of it soon, but la-la land is a safe and comfortable place and I'm betting they'll stay til their visa's are up.

      I am loving the way Hannah's hair is drawn, btw.

    4. Do you typically hang out in the bathroom while your friends are in the tub? Because if you do, that's creepy.

      1. A lot of people think I mean right this dang instance. I didn't mean they should barge into the bathroom and shout "LET US TAKE CARE OF YOU". Come on, guys.

    5. Well, they're not exactly used to comforting her – Hanna's always been this cheerful resilient stubborn force of nature. Now she's down and the others don't know how to react.

    6. She might have told them that she wanted to be alone, or even if she didn't, taking a bath is a great way to get some privacy.

    7. I kind of feel like Eve is just pretending that nothing is happening (post talking to Marek about his/Hannah's problems on that camping trip) so that she doesn't have to confront the upheaval in her own life by Hanna/Marek's break.

    8. She's taking a bath, not exactly a social situation.

  5. I love the fluid perspective of this comic. It's fucking irritating when your world is crumbling around you and you're stuck in an apartment with friends talking about insufferably trivial shit, but it's also fucking irritating when your depressed friend isn't willing to open up with you and wants you to feel as shitty as they're feeling.

  6. This arc is pushing me to check in with my friends to make sure that they’re all doing okay. Thank you, Meredith, even if watching Eve and Marigold be inconsiderate jerks is frustrating.

  7. Is.. is this a menstrual joke?! OH I HOPE SO! :'D

    Or is Eve hiding type writers in the bed…

  8. Barton Fink. Gross.

    1. OK, clueless, culturally-bankrupt lady checking in — what's the Barton Fink reference all about? I looked up the movie and still no dice!

  9. Welp. I discovered this webcomic last week. And now im caught up. God you know how to write a good story!

  10. What's Hannah's problem? She always acts how she's got things figured out but really she can't manage her own emotions. I don't blame Eve and Marigold just keeping their distance, best move I could think of for the situation. Hannah has to think shit through.

  11. Uuuuuuuuuungh… I want to give Hannah a hug SO BADLY.

    Also, like everyone else, I'm completely dumbfounded at how oblivious Eve and Marigold are right now. IT KILLS ME.

  12. I don't know what people expect Eve and Mar to do in this particular scene for Hanna, since she's currently taking a misery bath and I've never known that to be a particularly public event. Like, I would like to see Eve talk to Hanna about this, but I think this is more Hanna feeling isolated herself while her friends are talking, not the other two ignoring her. Are they supposed to be mournful and solemn while Hanna is taking a bath so as not to disturb her mood?

  13. poor hannah, this beakup is hard on teh both of them 🙁 i hope we'll see marek again, even if not with the other fellas, all those people deserve happiness

    1. This beakup sure is hard on those lovebirds!

    2. Wait, did I miss something? When did they break up?

  14. I think they're in different rooms. Maybe the bedroom is outside the bathroom and Hannah can hear Mar/Eve but they can't see her?

  15. I have seen bedrooms with attached baths. I have not seen a bedroom with a sink, toilet, and tub in the same room. They are in different rooms. Hannah can hear them through the wall. Bathroom = privacy.

  16. I find Marigold's conspicuous consumption a bit irritating. She can't just say her bed is the nicest thing she has or something, she's gotta say it's the "most expensive."

    It seems very evocative of that type of person. "You have a problem? Have you tried throwing money at it?" And with no self-consciousness about how that might not even sort of be an option for someone else.

    Of course, I get the feeling Eve's not really bothered and maybe could even afford such a thing, but even if I could it'd still drive me nuts to hear that.

  17. Great page, the juxtaposition is fantastic! So relatable.

    Could anyone please explain the Barton Fink reference? I’m afraid I don’t get it!


  18. never expected to see a barton fink reference…well anywhere really.
    "sex? he's a man! We wrestled!"

  19. dennis that menace

    Got damn hanna's becoming relatable to me FUCK! she used to remind me of my bitchy ex FUCK….really is changing my opinion of her

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