#594 – the last batch

April 1st, 2013

#594 – the last batch


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  1. aleksi says:


  2. damnants says:

    Hanna and Marek are totally having sex tonight.

  3. Rowen Morland says:


    • wykstrad says:

      He looks so excited!

      I really hope the next comic shows him putting the last batch in and finishing it, and the comic after that takes place the next morning, and Hannah asks, "did that last batch go well?" and he says "Yeah!" and she checks and it turns out that it did. And then this story ends and everyone's fine.

      • MenachemSchmuel says:

        And the next story is all about how Hanna sells all these pastries, and one of her clients goes, "dude, these are awesome!" and pays her double, so then she's all, "Will, these are great, you should bake with us more often," and he's all, "haha, I totally should," and it's ironic and funny because marijuana, but that's not what they meant, and then everyone laughs and the end.

  4. omnithea says:

    Hope he isn't baking a souffle, cuz it ain't coming out level tonight!!

  5. StopRoll says:

    Third panel Hanna is so freaken adorable!

    • capybroa says:

      I love that look. I have been the one making that look, and I've had that look made in my direction, and it's like the world has been replaced with rainbow unicorn orgasms each time.

  6. JennyB says:

    Oh Will, you look so darn cute in that little hat.

  7. Bryy says:

    So many sex jokes.

  8. Ladeeda says:

    I feel like we haven't seen Marek in a while!

    But that's okay because I also feel we're about to get new Will/Eve shipping material. Oh goodness, please

  9. Bruno Guedes says:

    Will, what are you doing looking slyly to Eve's direction? You have pastries on the oven, Will. Don't screw it up by… screwing.

  10. Nick says:

    The last three panels are from Eve's perspective…

  11. Marvin Choi says:


  12. Jillian says:

    Proof that Eve and Will belong together: They make the same "getting-psyched!" move!

    I know that's what you're thinking too there, Eve, pretending to sleep on the couch.

  13. pootanfan says:

    piece of dick-pulp cake.

  14. Arkadi says:

    Just read about the Reuben nomination! Had a look at the other candidates and I have this feel that Octopus Pie is totally gonna win. GO OP!! 😀

  15. deeexbee says:

    no no. leave the apron on.