#595 – the 90s

Double page!! I might not update again this week, we'll see. But there's a couple pages left before this story is concluded next week. moccathumb-120 I will be at the MoCCA Arts Festival this weekend! Come and find me there. I'm at Booth F173 (it's listed as Gastrophobia in the exhibitor guide) with my pal David McGuire. I'll have minis and a few books and Marceline issues. It'll be nice! Bye!

40 thoughts on “#595 – the 90s

  1. Aww these two. Panel 8 Hanna is so soft and pretty and just… aww, just look at these two!

    1. Hanna is great in every panel. Meredith must be enjoying drawing her these days c:

  2. I smiled so hard at the end. Especially those last 2 panels. Thank you. 🙂

  3. Warmth and fuzziness ^^

  4. Oh just take me now, you brambly stud-muffin.

  5. I'm interested in whether Marek is ever going to get his dissertation finished. At this rate it's going to be 2000 manuscript pages long and will reveal a hidden message if you apply the Fibonacci sequence to the individual letters.

    After reading the dissertation drives his entire defense committee mad, Marek will be awarded his degree, but only on the condition that his manuscript be moved to the mobile shelves in the university library's basement, where it will be listed under a classified section of the Dewey Decimal system that only five librarians in the world are allowed to know at any time.

    There it will be safe from the eyes of scholars and undergraduates, but student workers will occasionally report seeing an otherworldly glow from the mobile shelves. One student will leave an issue of US magazine in the basement overnight, and come the next morning will discover that all the text in the magazine now reads "HELP ME" over and over, and all the celebrities' faces have transformed into the withered husk of a man with a third eye in the center of his forehead.

    1. Damn, this is some Terry Pratchett-level book magic. Serious props.

      1. Actually, he's just recounting something that happens at MIT every other week or so.

  6. And duck wisdom strikes again!

  7. Wow, Marek's amazingly sweet perspective serves such a great contrast to Hanna's violent, unsettling one. But I feel like they're both awesome parts of the 90s (or anyone's childhood, really).

    So nostalgic, I teared up a little.

    but like what if Darkwing Duck popped out right now and was like LETS GET DANGEROUS and then they had great sex

    1. This comment is so ludicrous it's TRANSCENDENT.

  8. This is a great strip.

    You don't often see these two embrace and act as a normal couple. And those are wonderful emotions you put into Hanna by the way.

  9. man, his name is Marek, and he is here to *party*

  10. I like Marek. He really just seems genuinely good. I'm sure he has flaws, but still good. Hanna is the same. I think they fit well together. Stable healthy relationships ftw.

  11. There you are, reading webcomics, minding your own business… and then BAM! Right in the 90's-kid-nostalgia! awesome double page, Meredith.

  12. Awwwwwww, this is quite sweet! <3

    …although, admittedly, I thought this was ganna turn saucy again.

  13. Wow, Marek just CHUCKED her on to the bed.

    1. …That's not normal? Huh.

  14. This is amazingly sweet and such a healthy relationship with a perfect combination of love and lust, but I can't stop laughing at Marek's pubic hair making a little "M" over his boxers.

  15. Marek is making me question my heterosexuality

  16. This comic is making me miss my boyfriend. :'<

  17. MMMMMMMMMMarek!

  18. This is why I read comics. The pages that I just scan over and over, not even reading the dialogue, just taking in the art. This is what comic are for, what no other medium can do.

    Every face Hannah makes in this one is gold, but especially the anticipatory blush in panel 5 and the bedroom eyes in 8. And then after that build-up, all they do is cuddle and enjoy the human contact. Beautiful.

    So is Marek actually from the Old Country? I figured "Polish" meant "fifth-generation New York Polish", but it sounds like English was his second language. On the other hand, I guess you can probably do that in ethnic neighborhoods in New York, huh? I don't really know.

    Damn, Marek is a rock. I wish I was more like Marek. Everyone should have a Marek in their lives.

  19. This is a sexy page.

  20. this is so spring-y for me. I'm getting out of my winter relationships, and those that went on longer than just the winter, but nonetheless. This ending tends to coincide so well with the Spring, and I got back to what/who was always comforting. The part of spring in Brooklyn where it's cold in the shade, and warm in the sun is the best! Unlike the winter where I like to sleep alone and cocooned in my comforter, and the summer where if you're in my bed you better not touch me. ..yeah… this is nice

  21. I feel like Marek was too dominative in this situation. Shouldn't he ask before he pushes her on the bed?

    1. stillkindagrosstho

      Her expression beforehand is nervous, almost frightened, which sorta disturbed me–until the next panel, where every line is just adorably HAPPYHAPPYHAPPY and she's clearly having fun.
      I'm not sure what Mer was trying to say about Hanna's feelings, here. But she's hella frisky in the previous couple of pages, so we can assume Marek was responding to that and not just deciding for her.

    2. Meh. I feel like long term couples have often figured out what's okay and when without having to ask first. And some couples can be really, really physically playful (and domination can be a sort of play!) Nothing here struck me as not normal. If anything, it seemed pretty intimate.

    3. They've been lovers long enough that Marek knows exactly what Hannah likes and where her boundaries are. There's nothing wrong with dominance as long as it's consensual.

    4. I do kind of get the impression that Marek isn't usually this aggressive, and Hannah is a bit surprised, but pleasantly so, and very much enjoying it.

      Jesus, all that just from facial expressions made up of a few lines. I love this comic.

  22. I rike it a rottttttt. Hanna+Marek <3 It reminds me of my boyfriend and I except we're both Mareks. 😛

  23. This update is amazing. You're still the supreme master of cartoonifying human life. This feels all so real, so in-character and so damn relatable. Thank you for your work. It really tends to make my day.

  24. everything about this made me happy

  25. I think I like Marek because he's got a very Eastern European way of thinking, which I can get behind. He has this very minimalist approach to life, in which he just goes with the flow and doesn't make too many waves. I feel like we'd be buds. Pals. Przyjaciele. Y'know.

  26. I just imagined child-Marek with a full beard and it made me happy.

    BTW this is the most perfect strip in general, would be fine with the arc ending here if it wasn't for Will left alone with the last batch and Eve on the sofa oh God what is about to happen…

  27. You draw such good feet!

  28. Love their relationship. Can't get enough of them!

  29. Panel 8 Hanna is just seriously digging what's happening to her.

  30. I feel old because I feel that way about the 60's.

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