#585 – aaah

February 25th, 2013

#585 – aaah

Here is another page drawn by me with colors by Lacey Micallef! We are having fun with this. Stay tuned there is more!!


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  1. clairikine says:

    I love panel 5. I love, love, love, love panel 5.

  2. sjalexander says:

    Good stuff!!
    "It can take a while to kick in"… http://www.octopuspie.com/2013-01-24/574-still-in

    • plaidfluff says:

      Aw jeeze, I completely forgot about that!

      How long until Hannah gets kicked out of the gallery by a talking long-eared aardvark?

    • Mogsby says:

      the worst part (best part?) is that she just ate a pot brownie… so once that kicks in she's gonna be done for.

  3. Jackie says:


  4. nice idiot says:

    oh wow I bet it would feel all like "whoosh" and like a fizzy kaleidoscope under your skin but not in a painful way. I'm really excited to see where this is going!

  5. How did you make that animation in panel one?

  6. HateMachine says:

    Oh wow, that last panel is anime as hell. About-to-go-super-mode shot, but Hanna's hair is already white.

  7. voxboxcomics says:

    Go for it!

  8. Macca says:

    I imagine the end of this arc will have Hannah banned from the MET.

  9. Ian says:

    I can't wait to see the kickstarter for a print edition of these strips that maintain the animation!

  10. Fady says:

    I went "Aaah".
    And then I looked at the title of the comic.
    And it was "Aaah".
    And then I went "Aaah" again.
    Some hardcore twilight zone shit irl over here.

  11. xxtamahome07 says:

    and then Hannah got a persona! Neat!

  12. Ladeeda says:

    Man, this comic feels like an old Looney Tunes-type animation (look at panels 2 and 5!) if Looney Tunes was both artsy and kaleidoscopically high all the time. It's utterly fantastic. Hannah's the best.

  13. herberte says:

    Oh no. Psychosis happened to a friend of mine after long-term overuse of weed. Hanna, time to stop!

    All that foreshadowing…

  14. nalem says:

    Oh no, I'm worried… for the reality of this situation

  15. Omnithea says:

    Well, now that song is stuck in my head.

  16. Morpheus says:

    Do it, Hannah. It is your destiny.

  17. jaaaaaaaaaaaaames says:

    i'm hoping for a trainspotting moment. the one with the toilet and the pill.

  18. lola says:

    this has gotten cah-razy!!

  19. Kevina says:

    I have an idea! In the print edition, you insert those little plastic hologram things which google tells me are called lenticular photos! (Cost be damned! Special edition!)

  20. Dagrabbit says:

    Damn it, Tumnus! Will you close the friggin' window, or do you WANT a whole pile of Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve to come flying in?

  21. Sharp says:

    In the next comic Hanna breaks into reality, and Mer announces her new series of Octopus Pie plushies

  22. Ivan says:

    Wherever that leads to, I wish I could go there and never look back…

  23. ubun7u43v3r says:

    Take on meeeeee~!

  24. Shras says:

    I can see Hannah wrecking the museum, oh here it goes