#488 – cute tent

October 29th, 2011

#488 – cute tent

A new storyline is begin! I’m posting this before a Halloween party. It started snowing(!!) in Brooklyn today, so this comic may already be a little out of date weather-wise. But stay tuned for more!

Great drinking-related news: Paper Bag Parade pint glasses and Take Your Best Shot Glasses are back in the store!

Get them while they exist at the Topatoco store!


Discussion (2)¬

  1. anywho says:

    Wait… is that America Jones? If so, +10 for the subtle pun :)

  2. RAF says:

    I just read this chapter and went straight to the comments to see if anyone had asked this already. You're the only one! But that was my reaction too, and it made me want to reread the America Jones chapter :)